The inaugural Lowcountry Family Preparedness Fair is over and now it is time to pause for a moment, regroup and make a plan for the future!

But first, a huge expression of gratitude is given to all of the sponsors, exhibitors, speakers & vendors that helped make the 2013 Lowcountry Family Preparedness Fair a success. Each organization joined in with this inaugural event and helped establish a solid footing for the future. We are committed to work as a leader in the community in regards to preparation and we are excited about moving forward!

The primary focus for 2013 was preparing for emergencies - living in the lowcountry, there is no shortage of possible emergency considerations. But, our goals embrace preparedness on a much broader scale and as we move forward, we intend to incorporate additional important areas of preparation.

These areas of preparation include:



 employment & finances

 food & gardening


As we begin planning for the next event, we intend to add these areas of focus. To do that, we need the support of community experts in these areas and look with eagerness to engender meaningful relationships in the coming months that will ultimately help create stronger communities in the lowcountry.

If you have expert experience in these areas of preparation, please consider linking arms with us and make a commitment to share with the community!

2013 Lowcountry

Family Preparedness Fair

In Review